Other Equipment S.U.R.E. hope to provide for the Beacon Centre in the future.

There are several pieces of equipment that the health care professionals say would further improve the quality of treatment and patient safety. S.U.R.E., with public support, aims to provide the following items:

A look ahead at 2016

SURE is committed to ensuring the Beacon Centre continues to offer high quality cancer care to internationally recognised standards and whilst the major fundraising effort is towards the purchase of a replacement CT Scanner/Simulator SURE aims to continue to provide equipment and support not otherwise available within the NHS budget that is assessed to be of real patient benefit.

1. Medicare 3-section Scanning Couch. Used to safely position patients during supeficial X-Ray treatments. SURE agreed to fund this replacement couch., it is now in use.

At a cost of £1,339

2. Paperless Radiotherapy. The Beacon Centre radiotherapy department is considered paper-light. This project aims to remove the use of any paper documents in the delivery of radiotherapy treatment, leading to further improvements in patient safety and experience. SURE has agreed to fund this project by provision of In-Bunker screens, process automation using IQ Scripts to augment the Mosaiq system patient workflows, making existing Mosaiq functionality mobile avoiding patient notes and information having to be collated and printed by using securely networked tablet-based Mosaiq functionality.

At an estimated cost of £26,195.01

3. CC04 Ion Chamber. The small volume Ion chamber is regularly used for VMAT quality checks and will also be key to SABR quality checks. Currently the radiotherapy department only have one such chamber and whilst it is currently fine, if it fails it would cause a significant problem. These devices are quite delicate and do fail, repairs can be expensive, so much so that it's often considered just as cheap to buy a new one. SURE has agreed to purchase a second Ion chamber.

At an estimated cost of £1,334

4. Ashland Film QA Pro Software. This software has been provided and already used to complete testing of SABR treatment, allowing SABR to be signed off as ready for the first patient.

At a cost of £13,058

5. 4 x Gafchromic Film packs. SURE has agreed to fund the purchase of addition Gafchromic film required to complete testing for the introduction of SABR treatment.

At a cost of £1,580

6. Annual Maintenance Charges. SURE has committed to fund £26,357.06 towards the annual maintenance costs of Radiotherapy equipment for the period to 30.9.2016

7. Radiotherapy Network Area Storage (NAS). This is to provide a NAS system for the radiotherapy service. It is used for backing up all images acquired and used in RT, including CBCT Synergy images and provides a “live” archive for the Pinnacle treatment planning system. The system is also mirrored for additional redundancy.

At an estimated cost of £6,250.52

8. Cancer Patient Treatment Advice Line. SURE is backing a proposal to introduce a safer solution to providing patients with consistent advise in response to any concerns they have in relation to their ongoing treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. SURE has committed to fund the provision of new Netcall equipment (telephone systems and recording facilities) to enable this, subject to approval of final quotes.

At an estimated cost of between £12,000 -£15,000

9. Cancer Patient Counselling Centre. It is proposed to develop a counselling centre for cancer patients and their carers separate from the cancer treatment centre. A building has been identified near to the Beacon Centre but there will be some work required to make it suitable for the proposed use, and the provision of appropriate furnishings. SURE is working with the Beacon Centre on this proposal. It is expected to cost in region of £25,000 to provide an appropriate environment for the centre.

10. Investigation into the potential benefit of the Elekta MOSAIQ Data Director system for the storage and management of all Synergy scans and all Beacon Centre patient information relating to radiotherapy and chemotherapy records continues in relation to the replacement of the 3 Linear Accelerators in 2018-20 No commitment has been made.

At an estimated cost of £100-£150,000.

11. Future Major Fundraising Projects. SURE is discussing with the Trust the potential for SURE, along with other Musgrove Park Hospital charities, to fundraise towards the purchase of other significant (£1M+) items of equipment which will have a benefit for cancer patients treatment, from 2017 onwards. SURE will only commit to any future major fundraising project provided it does not impact on the ability to also meet the day-to-day additional funding needs of the Beacon Centre and patients.