12 March 2018
Donations Update

Donations this week are £100.08 from Tesco (East Reach) collection box, £40.53 from Lydia Easton collection box and £255.30 from the Beacon Centre. Donations left at the Beacon Centre include £10.20 from D. Seymour, £5.55 from Ben Gamlin and £16.50 from Margaret Garland. Other donations are, £200 from Reg Hooper and friends at the Lawns Social Club, £43.30 from Joan Greedy and friends at the Wellesley club, £250 from the Weston Super Mare ROAB sponsoring a sky dive made by Carol Hampton, £800 from the Comeytrowe Short Mat Bowling Club and £469.70 from the Lancaster House students at Castle School, raised by the students selling cakes and refreshments.

The total donations received this week is £2191.16

Thank you all for your support.

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