15 April 2018
Donations Update

Donations this week are £1,991 received in memory of Luke Beaver of Minehead, £20 from the sale of items at Ottery Auction Rooms, £103.14 from the collection pots at Tesco Express, East Reach, £60.37 from the collection pots at Tesco Express at Comeytowe, £66 from Donald Reason of Galmington from a collection at a Wedding Anniversary, £30 in 5ps from Smeatharpe WI, £9 in 5ps from the Marks family of Taunton, £3.40 in 5ps from Connie Morley, £4.40 in 5ps from Ruth Read and left at the Beacon Centre was £10 from Andy Short, £28.60 in 5ps from Kay Holman of Bridgwater,  and from the Beacon Centre £150.35.  

This week's total is £2,476.26

Thank you for all you donations.  

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