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Equipment Provided and Donated to the Beacon Centre by S.U.R.E. (updated October 2014)

1. Philips Big Bore Billiance Scanner

This CT Simulator locates the tumour. Allows high quality three-dimensional images to be acquired for accurate radiotherapy treatments to be individually designed for each patient. This purchase also incorporated three years of servicing costs.

2. I.C. Profiler Beam Scanning System

Quality device to check radiation beams

3. Beam Evo Couch Top

Enables radiotherapy to pinpoint accuracy on Item 1

4-7. Gillian Q.A. Phantom

Verifies image alignment and distortion on MR scanner

8. Gammex 467 Electron Density Phantom

Allows for radiotherapy treatment plans to be corrected for the different types of tissue found in the human

9. Med Rad Injector

Delivers a dye to provide greater accuracy during CT scan

10. Acqusim 3 Virtual Simulation Software and Licenses

Computer terminal that allows highly complex tasks of radiotherapy treatment beams

11-13.  I.R.M.T. Phantoms 3 off (1 each Homogeneous, Pelvic 3D, Thorax)

Above items replicate human anatomy, thus allowing verification of patient planning

14. PIPSpro Comprehensive Software

For image quality assurance tasks

15. Rad-Calc Platinum Software

Enables dose calculations to be made as part of checking process and independent of treatment planning system

16. Kirby Phantom

Device which confirms the correct size of radiotherapy beams

17. MT-TG66 Phantom

Ensures all setup movements on machines are correct

18. SA70-000 Build-up Cup

A device which helps confirm that the correct dose has been delivered to patients

19. Mini-Phantom Holder

Specific dose measuring device for accurate delivery

20. Specialist Tools

For installation of above equipment

21-24. Patient Immobilisation Systems, 4 of

Carbon Fibre immobilisation kit

25. Special Bracket for Beam Scanning System

26-27. I-year maintenance contracts

For Beam Scanner

28. 3-year maintenance contract

For the C.T.Scanner/Simulator

29. Repairs to original Skin Cancer Treatment Machine

Whilst waiting for item 30

30. Low Energy Skin Cancer Machine

Provides treatment to patients with skin cancer

31. Accommodation for mould Room also 32

Makes masks, and lead block

32. Mask Making Equipment

Shielding for patients with head and neck cancer

33. I.M.R.T. Software

Allows for complex IMRT (Bendy X-rays) radiotherapy plans

34. Synergy Imaging System

Works as a CT scanner used on the Lineac

35. 4D/CT Imaging for Synergy

Takes account of tumour and breathing cycle, for lung cancer

36-41. Wacom Tablets, 6 of

Connected to the radiotherapy treatment planning, allows doctors to clearly see parts of the body to accurately define treatment of tumour

42. VMAT (Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy) for Beacon Linear Accelerator

The next step on from IMRT allows IMRT type treatments to be delivered in a shorter time.

43. 4D/CT Imaging for CT-Simulator

Takes into account both patient breathing and tumour movement when treating lung cancer, thus less damage to healthy tissue.

44. Wing Step Boards, 4 of

Allow patients to be set up for treatment in exactly the same position daily, ensuring accurate treatment

45. Phantom and Dosimetry Equipment

To ensure the quality of images produced by the CT-SIM and Synergy units

46. CCTV, Intercom & Music System

Provides improved communication to the patient during treatment on the Phoenix Linac.

47. P.C.M. Application Server

Increased capacity for Pinnacle planning system, speeds up calculation of VMAT treatment plans.






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