Mongol Rally

Have you ever thought about packing a small bag, jumping into your car and driving to Mongolia? …

Well neither had we until recently! In July summer 2013, four ambitious friends will be taking part in the Mongol Rally, embarking on an epic journey from the UK to Mongolia. We are taking part in this event in order to try and raise some serious awareness and money for S.U.R.E. and also to inspire a little adventure!

team notorious Our Rally team is called “Team Notorious” and consists of: George Sweeny, Bert Jones, Laura Parry and Ibo Murinde.

The essence of the Mongol Rally is pure, unadulterated adventure spread over a third of the world’s land mass.


The Rally kicks off at Goodwood Motor Circuit in the UK and finishes in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. There is no set route for the journey which will be over 10,000 miles! The only requirement is that the car is under 1.2litres, so basically something your Nan would drive; except we must drive it over deserts, rivers and some of the most difficult driving terrain in the whole world!

As you can imagine this will not be a simple task and so throughout the next seven months building up to the climatic event, a lot of serious preparation is required. In order to reach our goal of raising as much money as possible, the four of us will be taking part in a number of fundraising activities over the coming months.

We really appreciate any support or help we could get with our attempt to do what only a handful have done before.

Please visit our BT MyDonate page to donate to S.U.R.E:     https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/teamnotorious , or if you would like to help the team itself please get in contact as there is plenty of planning and fundraising required to make sure we actually make it to Mongolia and complete the Rally! We need to raise a significant amount to help the team with Visa’s, fuel, engineering costs etc. We also have to purchase a car as the car is donated to a Mongolian family on completion of the Rally; we are currently looking for sponsors to help us with these obstacles, so please get in touch if there’s any way you think you can help!

PayPal Donation: If you want to make your donation to Team Notorious through Paypal you can do so via team member George Sweeney, email George at: sweeneyg25@hotmail.co.uk for more information.

Please check out our website for more information and follow us on Twitter!
Much love from Team Notorious.

Visit our BT MyDonate page:mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/teamnotorious

Our website: http://www.teamnotorious.wordpress.com
Twitter: @TNotorious

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