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Equipment funded by SURE 2014

During 2014, thanks to the fundraising efforts of SURE supporters, SURE was able to commit £121,168.21 to providing additional items of equipment to the Radiotherapy Department at the Beacon Centre to further improve patient treatment and outcomes.

These were:

Mould Room. Final payment completing the provision of the SURE funded Mould Room at the Beacon Centre. £6,875.67 Note: The total project cost funded by SURE was £270,822.94

VMAT & CVDR upgrade for Elekta Linac. The Linear Accelerator is used to deliver radiotherapy treatment, VMAT (volumetric modulated arc radiotherapy is a new type of IMRT technique where the radiotherapy machine rotates around the patient during treatment). At a Cost of £87,755

3 x Wingboards – carbon fibre positioning accessories for patients having thoracic radiotherapy, and an essential requirement for SABR (Steriotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy) treatment of lung tumours. Allow patients to be set up for treatment in exactly the same position daily, ensuring accurate treatment. At Cost of £8,112

Dedicated Ion Chamber and Phantom – To assist with quality control of Synergy images. Measures actual doses received by patients as part of the imaging verification procedure. At Cost of £3,815

3 x Wacom Cintiq Tablet Monitors – High quality monitors used for radiotherapy treatment planning, which assist doctor and dosimetrists in accurate outlining of tumours and organs at risk from treatment. At Cost of £3,382.55

Microdiamond Detector. SURE committed to providing equipment support for testing and other works required to enable the Beacon Centre to introduce SABR (Steriotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy) treatment. SABR is a very effective way of giving precise, high dose radiotherapy to small tumours such as small lung cancers. Microdiamond detector required to support commissioning work for introduction of SABR. At Cost of £3,985

4 x Gafchromic Film (to support SABR commissioning work). At Cost of £805.

Radiotherapy Bunker Sound System – provision of a new Sound System and CD player to provide background music for patient during treatment. At Cost of £283.99

Radiothetrapy Bunker CCTV/Intercom upgrade – provide an audiosystem for transmission between the patient in treatment room and the control area, and a CCTV system of 3 cameras for the treatment suite to ensure safety of patients during treatment on the Phoenix Linac. At Cost of £6,154

SURE had also agreed to provide OMAR (Orthopeadic Metal Artefact Reduction software), an upgrade to the SURE provided Philips Big Bore CT Scanner/Simulator at an estimated cost of £60,000, however after several months delays the manufacturer was unable to give a delivery date which would justify the investment as the CT reaches its end of life in 2017, therefore the Order was cancelled. Note: OMAR will now be provided on the replacement machine.


A look ahead at 2015

SURE is committed to ensuring the Beacon Centre continues to offer high quality cancer care to internationally recognised standards and whilst the major fundraising effort over the next two years will be the purchase of a replacement CT Scanner/Simulator SURE also aims to continue to provide equipment not otherwise available within the NHS budget that is assessed to be of real patient benefit.

In October 2014 SURE launched a fundraising campaign (with the support of the Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust) targeted at raising £500,000 by March 2017 to purchase a new Big Bore CT Scanner/Simulator for the Beacon Centre as the existing Scanner provided by SURE when the Beacon Centre opened in May 2009 will reach the end of its life in 2017/18. By the beginning of 2015 SURE had ringfenced £165,000 towards this project.

Application Server for the Pinnacle Planning System – Following the introduction of VMAT treatment (which significantly reduces patient treatment times whilst maximizing therapy dose to target and minimising exposure to healthy tissue) calculations times for treatment plans rose which slowed the whole treatment planning system, restricting the ability to offer the improvements of VMAT treatment to more patients. Required an additional application server to be added to speed up calculation of VMAT treatment plans on the Pinnacle planning system, SURE has agreed to provide this. At Cost of £59,021

Patient Positioning Equipment. SURE has agreed to fund the replacement of all patient positioning support cushions, wedges and head-supports for the radiotherapy treatment couches, at a cost of £8,088

Small Dosimetry Unit. A Sun Nuclear Corp 1D Scanner Acurate Point Dose and PDD Dosimetry unit and PC Electrometer. This will be used to carry out monthly Quality Assurance testing of the Linac to ensure accuracy and safety of radiotherapy treatments. SURE has agreed to fund this at an estimated cost of £11,600 (including 4-year extended maintenance warranty).

Poweredge R730 Server (replacement for MOSAIQ Disaster Recovery (DR)system). The warranty on the MOSAIQ DR system expires in 2015, every day patient data is backed up to this DR so that in the event of a catastrophic MOSAIQ failure all services can be back up and running within around 30 minutes and kept running until the failed equipment is replaced. It is also used for testing new software before implementation. SURE has agreed to fund this replacement at an estimated cost of £5,980

Water Equivalent Rod (with Ion chamber cavity for IMRT Phantom) SURE has agreed to fund this at an estimated cost of £282.25 and it is in now in use, supporting the development of SABR.

Medicare 3-section Scanning Couch. Used to safely position patients during supeficial X-Ray treatments. SURE has agreed to fund this at an estimated cost of £2,125

SURE is investigating the potential benefit of the Elekta MOSAIQ Data Director system for the storage and management of all Synergy scans and all Beacon Centre patient information relating to radiotherapy and chemotherapy records. No commitment has been made on funding this, at an estimated cost of £100-£150,000.


Thank You all for your continued support.

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