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09 August 2019Projects Funded by SURE in 2018

During 2018 SURE committed funding of £494,162 to providing additional items of equipment to the Radiotherapy Department at the Beacon Centre along with other items of equipment to the wider departments at Musgrove Park Hospital to further improve patient diagnosis, treatment and outcomes.

With the rolling replacement of the three Radiotherapy Treatment machines (Linear Accelerators) at the Beacon Centre due to start in 2019 it was agreed that there would be few new projects for SURE funding in 2018 as it was anticipated SURE funding will be required in 2019-20 to ensure the new Radiotherapy machines will be able to give maximum benefit to patients as soon as each one is commissioned. This led to an unusual year in SURE funding, with two major spends, funding the replacement CT Scanner and SURE's donation towards the new MRI Scanner, along with a small number of low cost projects.

1. LargeBoreCTScanner/SimulatorReplacement-ThereplacementoftheSUREfunded CT Scanner/Simulator in the Beacon Centre was completed in June 2018, at a final cost to SURE (including maintenance for year2 and year3) of £566,605 (£550,000 was held ring- fenced in the SURE accounts for this project since mid-2016). The first invoice for the purchase of the CT was funded by SURE in 2018 at a cost of £374,789. Further funding of £75,866 for the Turnkey room works for the installation is expected to be paid in 2019. This will leave £115,950 ring-fenced for future payments: £57,975 for year 2 maintenance to be paid in 2019 and £57,975 for year 3 maintenance to be paid in 2020.

2. MRI Appeal-SURE pledged the first £100,000tosupporttheMusgroveParkHospital MRI Million appeal for the purchase of a new MRI scanner at Musgrove Park Hospital (at an estimated cost of £1M), this was ring-fenced until payment in 2018 A number of SURE fundraisers also ran events during 2017/18 to raise donations for the MRI Appeal, these were added to the £100,000 and SURE then made a donation to the MRI Appeal of £110,000.

3. Dragon Medical Voice Recognition In 2017 SURE funded the purchase of specialist medical Voice Recognition software and associated hardware for the Histopathology Department, to speed up and improve accuracy of their reports. In 2018 SURE funded final invoices to complete the project a cost to SURE of £1,459.80.

4. Valley cushions The Valley-SV cushion is designed to relieve pressure from the “mid- line” areas around the perineum, and is very effective for patients both during and post radiotherapy where the discomfort can cause difficulties for patients when travelling to hospital, sitting in waiting rooms and getting comfortable at home. It uses a combination of foam and air to provide a comfortable seating platform on either side of the central pressure relieving channel. Compared to a traditional 'ring' cushion it does not compromise blood circulation or lymphatic drainage. SURE funded the purchase of 10 new valley cushions at a cost to SURE of £1,169.60

5. PaperlessRadiotherapyProjectSUREsupportedthemovetopaperlessworkinginthe Beacon Centre Radiotherapy Department. This project aimed to remove the use of any paper documents in the delivery of radiotherapy treatment, leading to further improvements in patient safety and experience. SURE funded the provision of in-bunker screens, process automation using IQ scripts to augment the MOSAIQ system patient workflows, making existing MOSIAQ functionality mobile, avoiding patient notes and information having to be collated and printed by using securely networked tablet-based MOSIAQ functionality. In 2016 SURE funded £21,381.42 for this project, additional funding was approved to complete the project in 2018 at a cost to SURE of £2,424.80

6. Liteform Trial This trial is looking at the use of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to treat Head & Neck radiotherapy patients who could be suffering from oral mucositis. SURE has approved funding for the purchase of a Thor Photomedicine ltd LX2 Laser Control Unit, dental probe, Placebo Function adaptor box for the dental probe and associated equipment required to enable the Beacon Centre to participate in the trial during 2018 at a cost to SURE of £4,150.

7. MusicSystem–SUREapprovedfundingforareplacementmusicsystemtobeprovided in one of the Radiotherapy treatment rooms, to allow patients to listen to their own choice of music during their treatment, at a cost to SURE of £168.84


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