15 September 2019
Donations Update

Donations this week are £1,077.50 from Richard 'Dick' Brewer in lieu of 90th birthday presents, £400 from the Bridgwater Bowling Association, raised throughout the year, £500 from Stewart Kitch of South Chard, raised by completing Stewart's Somerset Cycle Ride, £34.50 in 5ps from Mrs P Whitney of Bridgwater, £10 in 5ps from friends of Sarah in Bridgwater, £131.50 donation from Puriton Bingo, £38.15 in 5ps from Andrew and Tina Potter and friends, £1.75 in 5ps from Wendy & Bob Griffiths, £77 from the collection pots at Tesco Express, High St, Taunton and from the Beacon Centre was £149.06, mainly in 5ps. 

This week's total is £2,419.26

Thank you for all your donations.

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