24 February 2014
Donations Update

Donations received this week are £90 from Norman Tomkies, £33 in 5p's from Kody Cook (aged 9) in memory of his Auntie Paula Molnar, £40 in 5p's from Jean Frazer, £3.25 in 5p's from Andrew Toll, £57.20 in 5p's from St Michaels Ladies Circle, £197 from the collection pot in Hambridge Post Office, Langport, £25 from the Society of Somerset Cuckoos, £545.79 from St Michael's the Archangel,  £21.25 from the collection pots at the Beacon Centre and £129.10 in 5p's from the Beacon Centre. 

The Total donations this week is £1,141.59

Thank you all for your donations from the Committee of SURE 

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