24 March 2014
Donations Update

Donations received this week are £17.50 in 5p's from Andrew and Tina Potter, family and friends, £10.60 in 5p's from George Roberts, £2 anonymous donation, £2,15 in 5p's from A Sutton, £32.71 from the collection box from Cartridge World, £59.06 from the collection box from the Esso Garage on Wellington Rd, £23.70 in 5p's from Mr & Mrs Baker, £71.75 (including £14.75 in 5p's) from Mrs Barbara Squire,  £600 from Chris and John Cann, raised from their bingo sessions, £15 (including £13 in 5p's) from Helen Whitcombe of Street, a further £15 from Taunton Bowling Club, a fantastic £1,500 From Polden Hills Young Farmers Club following a cheese and wine summer sizzler event, £85 from Stokes Partners, solicitors, which is a donation of their oath witness fees, and £91.90 in 5p's from the Beacon Centre. 

The Total donations this week is £2,526.37

Thank you all for your donations from the Committee of SURE 

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