07 April 2014
Donations Update

Donations received this week are £25 from Mrs M Hutter, £275 from David and Pat Chandler in lieu of Golden Wedding presents, £25 from Marlene Burnell in lieu of 60th birthday presents, £21.70 in 5p's from Bet Clunie and Jean Sydenham, £523.30 from a 3 day collection at Morrisons  Supermarket in Wells, £43.15 in 5p's from Phyllis Winter, £15 (including £3.50 in 5p's) from N E Ratcliffe, £133. 85 in 5p's from S Smith of Bridgwater, an anonymous donation of £6.95 in 5p's, £56 in 5p's from the New Horizon Singers and £128.70 (including £90 in 5p's) from the Beacon Centre. 

The Total Donations this week is £1,253.65

Thank you all for your donations from the Committee of SURE 

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