06 May 2014
Tribute of Vicky Gordon

Vicky Gordon, Chairman of S.U.R.E.

Sadly passed away 27th April 2014


Vicky had the drive and passion needed to take S.U.R.E. forward after the sad loss of Eric Saffin.


Vicky had been involved in fund-raising for the charity for a number of years and the committee and trustees were very impressed by Vicky's enthusiasm for fund-raising for S.U.R.E. and her ability to get contacts and organisations to participate in events and donate funds to S.U.R.E. leading them to ask Vicky to become a committee member in 2011. It soon became apparent that Vicky was a great organiser and with her great drive and enthusiasm was totally committed to keeping S.U.R.E.'s fund-raising activities to the forefront.


It was through Vicky that Contemplate for Cancer returned in 2012 and is now held annually.

Although in poor health Vicky attended the 2014 event to give support to all her volunteers, and to thank the people that supported the event, this typified Vicky's dedication to S.U.R.E..


In 2012 Vicky was unanimously voted Chairman, taking over from our founder and first chairman, Barrie Palmer. Vicky was highly regarded by the committee for her leadership and organisation, under her direction the charity was re-vitalised. It was mainly because of Vicky that S.U.R.E. went onto the internet, and the website has proved a big success, helping to widen S.U.R.E.'s appeal. This and numerous other innovations show the dedication of a very special lady.


Those of us who had the privilege of assisting Vicky at some of the events that she attended were always impressed with the way she interacted with the audience, never forgetting to thank them for their fund-raising, because as she said, “we may be the face of S.U.R.E., but the people of Somerset and surrounding areas are the heart of S.U.R.E.”


Vicky's work for the charity was never ending, even in her final weeks, she was organising to ensure the future security of S.U.R.E., Vicky had a real knack of gently 'reeling people in' to help the cause and is a true inspiration to us all.


It gave Vicky tremendous satisfaction to be party to the announcement that S.U.R.E. had passed the £2Million raised. At her last committee meeting in April she was still bubbling with fund-raising ideas, S.U.R.E. will continue to benefit from Vicky's drive and enthusiasm in the years to come.

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