13 October 2014
Donations Update

Donations received this week are £77.00 in 5ps from the Wellington Aqua Social Group, £1.65 in 5ps from Trevor Warner, £49.05 (including £43.45 in 5ps) from South Somerset Choral Society, £51.00 in 5ps from Joan Greedy and the Wellesley Club, Cheddon Rd, Taunton,  £2.02 from the collection pot at Staplegrove Hairdressers, £13.79 from the collection pot at the Post Office Stores, Staplegrove, £13.60 from the collection pot at the Premier Petrol Station, Cross Keys, £9.27 from the collection pot and £117.60 (of which  £96.50 was in 5ps) from the Minster Pharmacy, Ilminster, £1,660.06 raised by the a competition event held on 5 October at Blue Anchor Bay by the Blackdown Sea Angling Group, who also collected £18.05 in loose change, a donation of £85 from The Woman's Fellowship Group of Ilminster Methodist Church, a donation of £80 from Alcombe Methodist Church and £111.35 from the Beacon Centre (which includes £104.65 in 5ps).

The Total donations received this week is £2,297.44

Thank you for all your donations

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