27 April 2015
Donations Update

Donations this week are £30.30 from the collection pot at the Castle Bridge Newsagents, Bath Place, Taunton, £37.62 from the collection pot at Cartridge World, East Reach, £77.42, including £15.70 in 5ps from Teare's Newsagents, Wellington, £51.64 from the collection pot at Londis, Bridgwater, £178.53 including £136.15 in 5ps from Minster Pharmacy, Ilminster, £491.63 raised at a bucket collection at Taunton Racecourse on 22 April, £45 in 5ps from Claire Jones and family of Langport and £30 including £5 in 5ps from Norman Tomkies of Street.  The collection from the Beacon Centre was £223.25 including £219.05 in 5ps of which £3.20 in 5ps was from Marion.

The total donations received this week is £1,165.39

Thank you for all your donations. 

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