03 January 2016
Donations Update

Donations received this past week are £20.83 from the collection pot at Sainsburys, Hurdle Way, Taunton, £20.34 from the Esso Garage, Galmington, £60.25 from the collection pot at Taunton Country Market, £109.20 from the collection pot at Tesco Express, Galmington, £10.96 from the collection pot at Solways Hardware Shop, Burnham, £11.10 in 5ps from Bernard and Mary Spilsbury of Burnham, £28.62 from the collection pot at Wembdon Stores and Post Office, Wembdon, £52.88 from Gail Wills, friends and family, £7.80 from Hazel Hughes, £1,100 from No 261 Lodge of Unanimity and Sincerity, Taunton which are the proceeds from the Ladies Festival, £100 donation from John Dewis of Woolavington, £25 from Nigel Tomlinson from the sale of mistletoe, £67.97 from the collection pot at the Sedgemoor Inn, Weston Zoyland, £100 donation from Mrs SJE Woodgate of Milverton, £25 donation from Mr and Mrs CJ Crawford of Wellington, £20 from Mrs Mary Khan and £20 from her sister Mrs Ruth Kelly in loving memory of their cousin the late John Reeves, £50 donation from Mr WA Briggs of the Isle of Man, also in memory of his friend, John Reeves, £100 from Mr K Crowther of Taunton in loving memory of his late wife Pauline, £20 in 5ps from West Buckland WI, £3.80 in 5ps from Janet Milton and £200.91 from the Beacon Centre, which included £120 in 5ps. 

This brings this week's total donations to £2,154.66

Thank you all for your support.

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