14 November 2016
Patients treated at the Beacon Centre

A number of people have asked how many patients are now being treated at the Beacon Centre, to give an appreciation of how vital the Beacon Centre is here are some numbers for 2015/16 to show how well it serves our community.

Radiotherapy: 1,418 patients who received 17,684 individual treatments

Superficial X-Ray treatment: 49 patients who received 56 treatment courses requiring 470 attendances

Mould Room: (provided at a cost to SURE of £270,822) 215 procedures undertaken.

Outpatient Attendances

1,704 New oncology patients

15,133 follow-up oncology patients

684 New Heamatology patients

7,056 follow-up haematology patients 

Chemotherapy Daycase Activity‚Äč: 6,734 attendances

Beacon Ward: 626 patient admissions 


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