27 April 2017
Equipment provided by SURE in 2016

SURE – Equipment Provided to the Beacon Centre during 2016

During 2016 SURE was able to commit £70,774 to providing additional items of equipment to the Radiotherapy Department at the Beacon Centre along with other items of equipment to the wider Oncology departments at Musgrove Park Hospital to further improve patient treatment and outcomes.

By mid 2016 SURE had raised the £550,000 targetted for the purchase of a new Big Bore CT Scanner/Simulator for the Radiotherapy Department at the Beacon Centre, to replace the existing scanner provided by SURE when the Beacon Centre opened in May 2009 This was achieved 9 months ahead of schedule and the funds have now been ring-fenced for this project. The Beacon centre will undertake an evaluation of equipment suppliers during 2017 to determine the appropriate scanner to purchase, with the new scanner planned to be live by April 2018.

1. Annual Maintenance charges SURE funded £26,357.06 towards the annual maintenance charges of Radiotherapy equipment for the period to 30.9.2016

2. Medicare 3-section scanning couch for Superficial x-ray treatment used to safely position patients during superficial x-ray treatments, SURE funded the purchase of a new couch, at a cost to SURE of £1,399

3. Ashland Film QA Pro software SURE funded the purchase of specialist software to support the completion of the testing programme, allowing SABR (Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy) treatment to be introduced at the Beacon Centre, at a cost to SURE of £13,966.

4. Paperless Radiotherapy Project SURE supported the move to paperless working in the Radiotherapy Department. The Beacon Centre Radiotherapy Department was already considered paper-light This project aimed to remove the use of any paper documents in the delivery of radiotherapy treatment, leading to further improvements in patient safety and experience. SURE funded the provision of in-bunker screens, process automation using IQ scripts to augment the MOSAIQ system patient workflows, making existing MOSIAQ functionality mobile, avoiding patient notes and information having to be collated and printed by using securely networked tablet-based MOSIAQ functionality, at a cost to SURE of £21,381.42

5. Radiotherapy Network Area Storage (NAS) SURE funded the purchase of 2 new computers to provide a NAS system for the radiotherapy service. It is used for backing up all images acquired and used in RT, including CBCT Synergy images and provides a “live” archive for the Pinnacle treatment planning system. The system is mirrored to provide additional redundancy. Provided at a cost to SURE of £6,250.52

6. Cancer Patient Treatment Triage/Advice Line SURE funded the purchase of Netcall telephone system and recording facilities to enable the provision of a single contact telephone number for all patients receiving treatment at the Beacon Centre to seek advice, enabling all patients to receive consistent advise in response to any concerns they have in relation to their ongoing treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Provided at a cost to SURE during 2016 of £1,480. with the final costs to complete the project to be incurred in 2017.

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