15 October 2017
Donations Update

Donations this week are £47.35 from the collection pot at the Beacon Centre Reception Tea Bar, £22.50 from Mr and Mrs R Walker of Taunton from the sale of surplus Bramley apples, £50 in 5ps from the members of Hemyock Short Mat Bowling Club, £24.70 from the collection pot at Wembdon Stores and PO, £22 in 5ps from Andrew and Tina Potter, family and friends, and left at the Beacon Centre was £24 in 20ps and 5ps from Mrs D Seymour, £25.30 in 5ps from Jan Biddiscombe and friends of Creech St Michael, £25 in 5ps from Marlene Matthews and friends from Wembdon, £10.71 from the Summer Skittles Girls, Bridgwater, £26 in 5ps from West Buckland WI and from the Beacon Centre £110.71, mainly in 5ps. 

This week's total is £388.27 

Thank you for all your  donations.  


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