30 July 2018
Donations Update

Donations this week are £1,130 from Sheila and Derek Cleeve of Brompton Ralph, raised by holding cream teas, also £5 in 5ps from Sheila Cleeve, £43.76 from the collection pot at Sainsbury's Petrol Station, Hankridge, £172.47 from the 5p collection from Minster  Pharmacy, Ilminster, £11 in 5ps from Maureen Maddocks, £2 in 5ps from Gina Gore, £2.05 in 5ps from Jackie O'Mara, £33.80 in 5ps from Boots Staff Taunton, £2 in 5ps from Jean and £2 in 5ps from Joyce and from the Beacon Centre £148.70 in 5ps. 

This week's total is £1,552.78 

Thank you for all your donations.  

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