24 September 2018
Donations Update

Donations this week are £1,700 from Mark Barry, Cricket St. Thomas Golf Club Captain who chose SURE as his charity of the year and raised through various events held throughout the year, £500 from Cynthia and Jack Law in lieu of presents for their Diamond Wedding Celebrations held at Monkton Heathfield Village Hall recently, £30 in 5ps from Smeatharpe WI, £23 in 5ps from the Tuesday Badminton Club, Monkton Heathfield, £49.85, in 5ps from Maureen Ward of Taunton, collection pots at Lizzies Kitchen Burnham of £32.43, Hurleys Newagents, Burnham of £25.42 and Crusty Cob Bakeries of £6.95 and from the Beacon Centre £5.12 from Ms Lilian Cynthia Henson, £35 in 5ps from Norman Tomkies of Street and £132.45 from the Beacon Centre.

This week's total is £2,539.12 

Thank you for all your donations.

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