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25 October 2020 Donations Update

Donations this week are £272.67 from the Spa dental Chard Team raised from a bake sale in March in memory of their colleague Nicki Cousins, £250 from Colley Lane Truck & Bus Ltd, Bridgwater from staff and customers who buy from their ‘works tuck box’, £34.50 from the sale of hand-made cards, £115 in 5ps from the Minster Pharmacy, Ilminster, from collection pots there is £49.78 from Minster Pharmacy, £310.08 from Tesco Superstore, Taunton, £17.54 from the One Stop Shop, Galmington, £94.65 from Tesco Express, East Reach and left at the Beacon Centre was £32.71, mostly in 5ps from Barbara & Merv Deer, £2 from Annabelle Pollard, aged 4, who baked a cake and made her Grampy buy some and from the Beacon centre £71.95 including £59.55 in 5ps. 

The total donated this week is £1,251.28

Thank you for all your donations.

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