S.U.R.E. Somerset Unit for Radiotherapy Equipment

Vision Roadmap 2020

SURE Vision 2020 and beyond

During 2020 The Radiotherapy Department at the Beacon Centre continued with the replacement of the third and final Linear Accelerator (Orion), used to deliver radiotherapy treatment at the Beacon Centre. Whilst completing the replacement programme during the Covid pandemic, the focus of the Beacon Centre was quite rightly to continue patient treatment at the expense of planning for new equipment and treatments to be provided with SURE funding.

However, in the final few months of 2020 we were able to work together to produce a Vision for Radiotherapy roadmap for 2021 and beyond.

The Vision Roadmap is now forming the basis of SURE funding for 6 new projects in 2021, and with planning now underway SURE has giving outline approval to £650,000 funding for these projects.

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