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Donations Update 11th July 2022

The total donations received is £1,152.51 Donations this time are an anonymous donation of £25. £400 from the Ecclesiastical Insurance office under their scheme which allows an opportunity for every employee to give a donation to a charity of their choice, this £400 is donations from Claire Gregory, Victoria Sydenham and Megan Atkinson.  £500 from the players at Bingo Beambridge who meet at the Beambridge Inn, Wellington, once a month to play bingo and raise funds for local charities,  £5 in 5ps from Heather & friends, £45.16 from the collection pot from the One Stop Shop in Galmington, and left at the Beacon Centre there was £39, mainly in 5ps from Nikki Mumby’s Zumba Gold Flexercise classes, £62.20, mainly in 5ps from Norman Tomkies of Street, £14.60 in 5ps from D S Tancock, and from the Beacon Centre there was £61.55 in 5ps.

Thank you for all your donations.

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