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Donations Update 23rd May 2022

The total donations received is £1,069.72. the donations this time are £40 from Mr & Mrs R Doble, £5 from the Paypal Giving Fund, £254 from John Jeremiah in addition to the £46 already received in lieu of 90th birthday presents, £47.41 and £230 from the Emporium Somerset in Wellington, raised from the sale of donated items, £50 from the 16mm Narrowgauge Modellers (Central Somerset Group), £80 raised at a car boot sale by Gail, Carole and Ralph, from 5p collections there was £1.55 from Kit Whiteley, £10 from Marlene Burnell, £2.10 from Jackie O’Mara, and £15.50 from the late Pat Willoughby, and from collection pots there was £65.32 from Tesco Express, East Reach, and £16.52 from Bishops Lydeard Newsagents,  and left at the Beacon Centre there was £50 from S Taylor, £10 from Mrs DJ Gange and Mr PJ Gange, £21.50 from Mrs JC Reed and friend in lieu of 5ps, £50.10 from Mrs & Mrs BA Dixon & friends including £20.10 in 5ps and from the Beacon Centre £120.72 including £109.10 in 5ps.
Thank you for all your donations.

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