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Donations Update 5th May 2024

The total donations received this time is £766.94. The donations are £40 from Ann Redman and the Retired Commercil A Skittles Team, being the money left over from the 2019/20 season, £175 from the Association of the 16 mm Narrow Gauge Modellers  (Central Somerset Group), £5 from the PayPal Giving Fund, £25 from the Bridgwater Carnival Committee, and in 5ps there was £1.40 from Trevor Coram and £31.10 from June Robinson and her elves, and from collection pots there was £54 from the Fountain Inn, Bridgwater, £37 from Tesco Express, Comeytrowe, £79.06 from Tesco Express East Reach, £80.50 from Tesco Express, Kingsdown, Bridgwater, and £69 from Tesco Express, Bower Estate, Bridgwater and collected from Musgrove Park Hospital for the Beacon Centre there was £169.88 mainly in 5ps, including £35 in 5ps from Sandra and her friends of Chard.

Thank you for all your donations. 

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