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Donations Update 6th September 2021

The total donations reported this week is £529.32. Donations received are £19.58 from Easy Fundraising, £1.37 in 5ps from Connie Morley, £15.47 from Amazon Smile Donation, and from collection pots there is £72.76 from Lizzies Kitchen in Burnham, £35.73 from Tesco Express Comeytrowe, £86.48 from Tesco Express East Reach, and from the Beacon Centre last week was £52 in 5ps from Betty Tovey and friends in Chard, and £74.18 mainly in 5ps.  This week from the Beacon Centre there was £11.50 from Mr & Mrs C Jones of Highbridge, together with further donations totalling £160.25, mainly in 5ps.

Thank you for all your donations.

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