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Our biggest project is underway

2023 is a big year for SURE and the Beacon Centre as SURE is funding our biggest ever project with the Radiotherapy team at the Beacon Centre to deliver Surface Guided Radiation Therapy, SGRT. Installation is underway and should be completed ready for patients by September.

SGRT uses 3D camera technology to accurately target treatment. SURE has committed to fully fund the introduction of this major innovation to radiotherapy treatment on all 3 treatment machines and the SURE provided CT Scanner at a total cost in excess of £700,000.

SGRT Patient benefits:

  • Tattoos not needed as the surface of the patients body is monitored by the 3D cameras.
  • Treatment will not start if patient is not in the correct position. • Treatment will stop if patient moves during treatment.
  • Ensures more accurate treatment delivery.
  • The patient is in control of their breathing during treatment.
  • The patient is more comfortable during treatment.

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